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Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Review

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Review*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 23

*Pros: This multipurpose tool is very kind to those who are on a budget but though it is affordable it does do a good job at cleaning multiple surfaces.

*Cons: One reviewer mentioned that the only problem they had with it was a loose head but they went ahead and gave it a five star review saying it is well worth the purchase.

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Product Overview

The Red Aqua Jet steam cleaner is a popular steam cleaner based on the reviews it has gotten online. The majority of its reviews are five stars and so it has caught our attention as being one of the best steam cleaners on the market. It is a multipurpose tool having the capability to clean your floors, carpets, rugs and windows. This is definitely an ideal tool for the busy homeowner or the stay at home mom.

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Description

The Red Aqua Jet steam cleaner comes with an ample amount of accessories you can clean throughout your house on various surfaces. The steam generated from the machine gets rid of allergens and kills dust mites. It is environmentally safe and is great for cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and living room and get this; even your mattress! If you have pets or have allergies this is one of the best if not the best product for you.  It is ideal for smaller houses or apartments but can be used in larger homes as well. It is easy to put together and easy to use.

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Features

  • Multipurpose steam cleaning
  • No cleaning solutions necessary
  • Eliminates allergens and kills dust mites
  • Great for pet owners
  • Lightweight
  • Pressure output of 3.5 to 4.5 bar
  • 1500W heat output
  • Great for all types of flooring
  •  Heats up in a matter of seconds
  • Tank capacity of 1.5 litres

Customer Reviews for the Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner

Let us first take a look at some actual comments that customers and owners of this steam cleaner have to say about the product.

  • “…very effective performance…”
  • “This little red devil is the business”
  • “This is a really useful product”
  • “Excellent product…”

One reviewer mentioned that this product is great for a small home. They also mentioned that it was pretty easy to put together and super easy to use. They left a five star review but commented that the head of the unit should be a bit more stable. They ended their review by stating that the product performed very effectively.

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner AccessoriesAnother reviewer who wasn’t 100% sure that he had made the right purchase decisions said their mind was changed the minute they used the device. They said it does exactly what the manufacturer says and that it quickly rejuvenated their carpet giving them a living area that is truly clean. They ended their review by saying the item was well worth the purchase price and that they would not do it differently if they had a choice.

Another reviewer referred to the machine as “ideal” they state that it cleaned stuff that they tried to clean unsuccessfully before. They ended their review by saying they gave the product a ten out of ten and that they are absolutely impressed.

One reviewer states the product is very useful with a nozzle that makes cleaning small spaces like around taps a breeze. They mention that they no longer have to try to clean those areas with a toothbrush which is very time consuming. They also state that it works with glass and mirror pretty well. They said they also used it for getting creases out of their curtains and find that the machine is really great and they are extremely happy with it.

One person commented on how small the steam cleaner is but notes that it does do the job and does it well. They said that they are happy to use the product and see the big results that they get and would purchase it all over again. They love that it has a hose that can get into places that they couldn’t get into and which could be had to clean otherwise. They ended their review by saying that they can think about a number of potential uses for the cleaner both indoors and outdoors.

Another individual who reviewed the product said they knew right away from reading the reviews that this steam cleaner was the optimal choice for them. They loved that when they received their purchase it was easy to put together for the first use and the instructions that accompanied it were clear. They ended by saying that they would definitely recommend this to anyone who was looking for a steam cleaner to use for multiple cleaning purposes.

One reviewer didn’t leave a long review; they simply said that this was an excellent cleaner that was able to get into corners that the bigger steam cleaners can’t reach. They state that the cleaner is easy to use and they are very pleased with their purchase.

Others called it an excellent product and mentioned that it is very handing and is great for spot cleaning on carpets where there is a spill. They agree that it provides consumers with great value for money and is a very useful piece of equipment for any household. They state that for a budget item it really performs very well and some noted that it holds enough water for you to do an  hour of constant cleaning but it is best if you use it in short blasts so that you have optimal pressure at all times. All the reviewers agree that is great for medium use or light use.


This Red Aque Jet Steam Cleaner is definitely a contender for the best steam cleaners. It is best for light to medium cleaning but it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.



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Kärcher SC1030 Steam Cleaner Review

Kärcher SC1030 Steam Cleaner
*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 27

*Best Online Deal Found: Click Here to Check Price on Amazon UK


The Karcher SC1030 is a great product; it is not only a steam cleaner but also a steam iron which makes if very useful in other areas than cleaning.


One reviewer mentioned that the manufacturer could have included more cloths or an additional brush for the price but that did not stop them from leaving a five star feedback.

Product Overview

The Kärcher SC1030 is not just a steam cleaner but also a clothes iron as well. This means you get two functional and highly effective items in one. No longer do you have to slave on your tiles and floors or over an ironing board getting wrinkles out of your clothes as this steam cleaner does it all for you in a fraction of the time it would take to do these tasks the conventional way. As you can imagine the Kärcher SC1030 reviews are for the majority five star reviews as everyone appreciates this machine that allows them to take less time doing chores and spending more time with the ones they love.

Kärcher SC1030 Steam Cleaner Description

If you are looking for a hygienic yet environmentally friendly way to clean your home the Kärcher SC1030 steam cleaner is a good pick. This cleaner uses only the power of steam to blast away, dirt, dust and grime using no cleaning agents or solutions whatsoever. It is useful, not only for cleaning your floors etc, but also for ironing your clothes, linens and drapes.

The steam cleaner is compact and lightweight and comes with a slew of attachments for various cleaning purposes. It is a powerful piece of equipment capable of generating 3.2 bars of steam pressure. It heats up quickly so you can get to cleaning sooner and allows you to easily change from cleaning to ironing with just the attachment of the steam hose.

With your purchase you get the SC1030, a floor tool, one large terry cloth and one small terry cloth, the steam iron, a steam hose, the hand nozzle, detail nozzle, the detail brush, the instructions manual and the registration card that enables you to get the product warranty if needs be.

Kärcher SC1030 Steam Cleaner Features

  • Hygienic cleaning thanks to the high pressure steam it releases
  • Heats up quickly thus increasing your efficiency in utilizing your time
  • Iron compatibility with the use of the steam hose which is attached to the iron
  • Space saving and easy to store with its compact design
  • Safety valve or lock ensuring that it is childproof
  • Heat Output of 1500W
  • 3.2 bar pressure output
  • 1 L tank capacity
  •  8 minute heating time
  • Floor tool
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Steam iron
  • Steam hose
  • Hand nozzle
  • Detail nozzle detail brush

Customer Reviews for Kärcher SC1030 Steam Cleaner

Customers who have purchased and used this steam cleaner are the best persons to rate its use and that is why more and more internet retailers are allowing customers to rate their products. Here we have included a number of Kärcher SC1030 reviews for you so you can see what consumers are saying without having to visit multiple websites. First look at some snippets from these reviews

  • “…works perfectly…”
  • “…relatively light and easy to operate…”
  • “…is the best money I have ever spent…”
  • “…does exactly what it says A+++++++++…”

One reviewer says that the cleaner is working perfectly after just a couple of weeks of ownership. They love that it is lightweight and easy to operate and uses it mainly for cleaning their tiled floors. They describe the iron attachment as being brilliant as you don’t have to put the water in the iron itself and so you can iron a lot of clothes without refilling water. They say that they would definitely recommend this steam cleaner.

Another reviewer states that the machine is so good that it should get a really long review. They also went on to say that purchasing the Karcher SC1030 is the best purchase they have ever made. They love that it makes cleaning a lot faster and easy and they absolutely love the iron. They state that they hate ironing but not with this iron. They state that they highly recommend the product saying that it is well worth the price.

Another user mentioned that the product does just what the manufacturer says it will do and that they love the various types of attachment that comes with the product that gives you the opportunity to clean a variety of sources and they love that it has the iron attachment as well. They gave the product a five star rating and in their review they gave it 10 plusses.

One reviewer states that they have owned an older model of this steamer, iron combo since 2008. They made this purchase after giving away their older one. They love this one saying that it is much better than their previous one and is a great multipurpose tool for anyone to have in their homes.

Another reviewer started their Karcher SC1030 review by saying that it was a great product. They say it cleans exceptionally well and that the iron does a great job. They went on to say to those that do not own or have never owned a steam cleaner/steam generator iron that they need to get this model of the Karcher.

Another reviewer refers to the steam iron as being “too good” the reason they say this is because they think that gives out too much steam. But that just goes to show just how powerful the device is. They said it cleaned quickly and effectively and they would definitely recommend it as a good and useful purchase for any home.


The Karcher SC1030 may very well be the best steam cleaner on the market as it is not just a steam cleaner but also a steam iron as well.



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Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner Review

Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 118

*Best Online Deal Found: Amazon UK currently offers this item at a very attractive 9% discount with a potential saving of just under £11. Click Here To Check Current Price

Product Overview

The Karcher SC1020 is not just a steam cleaner but instead is a cleaning station that is good for cleaning different types of floors, various work surfaces, taps and much more and uses no cleaning solution at all and only the power of steam. This means that it is hygienic as well as it is environmentally friendly. It is compact and light and can take care of the toughest cleaning jobs which is backed by the positive Karcher SC1020 reviews that you will find below and no negative reviews to date. Other information included here will help you to make the best purchase decision if you are in fact looking for a steam cleaner. You will find information about the product including its features, description, pros and cons.

Pros: The Karcher SC1020 is very versatile and can be used to clean up a number of surfaces throughout the home. It is very lightweight and compact making it easy to move around and easy to use.

Cons: One reviewer who still gave it a five star review states that if you use the cleaner for the full 25 minutes the handle of the steam gun does get “quite” hot but doesn’t do so when used for small jobs requiring a few minutes of steaming time.

Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner Description

One thing that you will love about the Karcher SC1020 is that it is a very lightweight product. This steam cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces and as such can clean, tile, laminate, wood and other hard floor surfaces. It can be used on work surfaces in the kitchen and around the taps in both kitchen and bathroom. The steam cleaner comes with a floor kit to improve the cleaning of your floors, making cleaning easier and your home more hygienic.

There are a number of attachments that come as standard with the cleaning kit to include a round brush, hand tool, detail nozzle, extension tubes and floor cleaning cloth. It is lightweight and compact and features an ergonomic handle to make carrying both easy and comfortable. It also features an on board storage for the accompanying accessories and has a safety valve and parking position to ensure that your every need is covered.

Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner Features

  • Good for floor cleaning with the floor brush & nozzle with extension tubes
  • For cleaning small surfaces there is the hand tool
  • Very mobile due to its light weight profile and compact design
  • The floor nozzle is good for cleaning different floor surfaces
  • The detail nozzle makes it great to clean one dirty spot as it allows you to concentrate all the powerful steam that is coming out onto that one spot
  • The round brush is ideal for cleaning small angles, corners, crevices, cracks etc.
  • The carrying handle features an ergonomic design
  • Safety valve
  • On board accessory storage
  • Has a parking position for safety
  • 1500 W heat output
  • 3.2 bar of steam pressure
  • 25 minutes of steaming time from one tank
  • 8 minute heat up time
  • 1 litre tank capacity
  • Weight of just 3 KG
  • Suitable for use in the bathroom, kitchen, on tiles, floors, windows etc.

Customer Reviews for Karcher SC1020 Steam Cleaner

We know that customer reviews play a huge role in online and offline purchases and when it comes to the Karcher SC1020 reviews there are enough to go around. What exactly are people saying about this particular steam cleaner? Is it in fact the best steam cleaner? First take a look at a couple actual quotes from owners and users of the Karcher SC1020.

  • “…cleaning is easier, more effective and takes far less time…”
  • “I am exceedingly impressed with this steam cleaner.”
  • “Excellent product…”

One reviewer started their review by stating that this was the first steam cleaner they have ever owned. There first impression with this machine is that it is very impressive. They note that it is easy to use and that it cuts down their cleaning time dramatically. They state that they used it on their stainless steel fridge to get a streak free clean and shine. for many years they could not achieve this no matter what type of cleaner or cloth they used and even to get it to its best they had to spend quite a while cleaning and buffing away.

They mentioned that it not only worked great on the stainless steel but also on other kitchen appliances with high gloss finishes. They state that it did a great job on their slate floor and that the jet attachment which pushes out high pressure steam did a great job removing grime in areas where it was sticky. They also used it on tiles and window and mentioned that it did a great job at cleaning the tiles in the bathroom without using cleaning solutions that would usually irritate their chest. Their bottom line is that with the Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner cleaning is now a lot easier and takes a lot less time. They ended by saying that purchasing the product was a “no brainer!”

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Another user and reviewer stated that they are impressed with the cleaner. Upon reading the instructions though they found where it said that it shouldn’t be used in the oven, they had their friends clear that up for them in saying that you should not use it close to the seals as the steam can have a damaging effect. They used the steamer in their lounge and in the kitchen, on a leather sofa and on the hob.

The cleaner did a great job each time getting rid of dust, dirt and fat deposits. The result of using this cleaner in their kitchen are shiny fabulous looking tiles with clean grouting, behind the sink and the windows (though there is no window attachment) were all cleaned with this steamer and they all look great. They also state that the cleaner did well on the laminate floors they own and didn’t leave them as wet as the mop usually does. They went on to say that they are very impressed and wished they had purchased this sooner.

Another reviewer states that the product is just excellent allowing them to clean their entire bathroom (floors, shower tiles, bath, sink and bowl) in just 20 minutes. They say the results are astounding especially since there was no bleach or detergent used and only the steam made by the steam cleaner.


The Karcher SC1020 is definitely a great buy, to date there are hardly any negative Karcher SC1020 steam cleaner reviews and that tells a lot about the efficacy of the product.


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