Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Review

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Review*Overall Rating: ★★★★½

*Consumer Reviews Collected: 23

*Pros: This multipurpose tool is very kind to those who are on a budget but though it is affordable it does do a good job at cleaning multiple surfaces.

*Cons: One reviewer mentioned that the only problem they had with it was a loose head but they went ahead and gave it a five star review saying it is well worth the purchase.

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Product Overview

The Red Aqua Jet steam cleaner is a popular steam cleaner based on the reviews it has gotten online. The majority of its reviews are five stars and so it has caught our attention as being one of the best steam cleaners on the market. It is a multipurpose tool having the capability to clean your floors, carpets, rugs and windows. This is definitely an ideal tool for the busy homeowner or the stay at home mom.

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Description

The Red Aqua Jet steam cleaner comes with an ample amount of accessories you can clean throughout your house on various surfaces. The steam generated from the machine gets rid of allergens and kills dust mites. It is environmentally safe and is great for cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and living room and get this; even your mattress! If you have pets or have allergies this is one of the best if not the best product for you.  It is ideal for smaller houses or apartments but can be used in larger homes as well. It is easy to put together and easy to use.

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner Features

  • Multipurpose steam cleaning
  • No cleaning solutions necessary
  • Eliminates allergens and kills dust mites
  • Great for pet owners
  • Lightweight
  • Pressure output of 3.5 to 4.5 bar
  • 1500W heat output
  • Great for all types of flooring
  •  Heats up in a matter of seconds
  • Tank capacity of 1.5 litres

Customer Reviews for the Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner

Let us first take a look at some actual comments that customers and owners of this steam cleaner have to say about the product.

  • “…very effective performance…”
  • “This little red devil is the business”
  • “This is a really useful product”
  • “Excellent product…”

One reviewer mentioned that this product is great for a small home. They also mentioned that it was pretty easy to put together and super easy to use. They left a five star review but commented that the head of the unit should be a bit more stable. They ended their review by stating that the product performed very effectively.

Red Aqua Jet Steam Cleaner AccessoriesAnother reviewer who wasn’t 100% sure that he had made the right purchase decisions said their mind was changed the minute they used the device. They said it does exactly what the manufacturer says and that it quickly rejuvenated their carpet giving them a living area that is truly clean. They ended their review by saying the item was well worth the purchase price and that they would not do it differently if they had a choice.

Another reviewer referred to the machine as “ideal” they state that it cleaned stuff that they tried to clean unsuccessfully before. They ended their review by saying they gave the product a ten out of ten and that they are absolutely impressed.

One reviewer states the product is very useful with a nozzle that makes cleaning small spaces like around taps a breeze. They mention that they no longer have to try to clean those areas with a toothbrush which is very time consuming. They also state that it works with glass and mirror pretty well. They said they also used it for getting creases out of their curtains and find that the machine is really great and they are extremely happy with it.

One person commented on how small the steam cleaner is but notes that it does do the job and does it well. They said that they are happy to use the product and see the big results that they get and would purchase it all over again. They love that it has a hose that can get into places that they couldn’t get into and which could be had to clean otherwise. They ended their review by saying that they can think about a number of potential uses for the cleaner both indoors and outdoors.

Another individual who reviewed the product said they knew right away from reading the reviews that this steam cleaner was the optimal choice for them. They loved that when they received their purchase it was easy to put together for the first use and the instructions that accompanied it were clear. They ended by saying that they would definitely recommend this to anyone who was looking for a steam cleaner to use for multiple cleaning purposes.

One reviewer didn’t leave a long review; they simply said that this was an excellent cleaner that was able to get into corners that the bigger steam cleaners can’t reach. They state that the cleaner is easy to use and they are very pleased with their purchase.

Others called it an excellent product and mentioned that it is very handing and is great for spot cleaning on carpets where there is a spill. They agree that it provides consumers with great value for money and is a very useful piece of equipment for any household. They state that for a budget item it really performs very well and some noted that it holds enough water for you to do an  hour of constant cleaning but it is best if you use it in short blasts so that you have optimal pressure at all times. All the reviewers agree that is great for medium use or light use.


This Red Aque Jet Steam Cleaner is definitely a contender for the best steam cleaners. It is best for light to medium cleaning but it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.



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